Hi! I’m Janna


I started this journey as a Registered Nurse, I was floating through different units of the hospital and very quickly found myself exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt unmotivated and was losing sight of the energetic person I used to be. I knew something needed to change so I did what I thought I needed. I did personal training and got my nutrition in a good place, which helped me create some more energy but I still wasn't where I wanted to be.

I decided to invest in myself by hiring a life coach. I learned how to create my own reality, I had more energy and joy than ever before and my desired life became completely achievable.

A shift happened, people started to come to me looking for help. I knew this wasn't by accident. I got my life coach training and started coaching in September of 2019. I helped nurses bounce back from burnout. Over time I notice all the nurses I worked with had the same desire, to make a bigger impact in our healthcare community. But to do that, the healing needed to start with yourself. When you find out who you are and where your strengths are you can create simple systems to thrive in your life so you have the energy and capacity to nurse in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled.


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